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Learn more about the Invisible Bead Extensions® method and the hair extension consultation and installation experience at Mixed Hair + Extensions in Missoula, MT.
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The Method

We exclusively offer Invisible Bead Extensions® because it’s the best method on the market! Specifically created to solve 3 problems often encountered with other hand-tied methods, IBE® does not create any tension on the scalp. There are no exposed beads or scalp irritation. They’re undetectable and give you the ability to wear your hair up with no discomfort and no damage to your natural hair. IBE® is truly invisible!
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    Prevents Damage

    No tension or over-direction, the hair always stays in its natural fall.

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    Eliminates Discomfort

    No discomfort due to contact of beads on the scalp.

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    Styling Versatility

    No exposed beads or wefts provide unlimited styling possibilities.


Hair extensions are an investment—and as a luxury service that is customized to you, the cost for a detailed and healthy extensions install will vary. This is based on factors such as your hair’s current length and density, as well as the number of hand tied wefts and rows needed to achieve your desired results.
✶ This will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation

One Row

Add a little oomph to your hair!
Great for guests who want to add volume to their natural hair without adding additional length. One row can create fullness and body or help fill in sparse areas or broken ends. Consists of 4-6 wefts of hand tied hair.
✶ STARTING AT $480 +
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Two Rows

Give your hair some va va voom!
Perfect for guests who want to add both length (more than 1 inch) and volume. Two rows will distribute weight and fullness for a seamless blend into the natural length. Consists of 8-10 wefts.
✶ STARTING AT $910 +

Three Rows

It’s giving Rapunzel!
Ideal for guests who want maximum length and volume. Three rows creates longer, thicker hair for those ultimate hair goals. This option is also best for blending blunt haircuts or thick natural density. Consists of 9-11 wefts.
✶ STARTING AT $1,200 +
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Initial Install

Pricing listed above is the total investment. This includes the extension hair, install, custom color and cut/shaping, style, and an extension care package to help you take care of your brand-new hair. To book an initial install, a non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your appointment. This will be applied to your overall balance and is not an additional fee.


Maintenance is required to take care of your investment. Reinstalls are recommended every 8-10 weeks depending on your natural hair density and how fast your hair grows. We’ll completely remove the row and hand tied hair, then reinstall to set the proper tension and establish a fresh foundation. For reinstalls, we ask that you arrive with clean, dry hair.
More maintenance information here
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Protect your investment! We recommend Goldie Locks® to increase the longevity of your extension hair. Goldie Locks® products support hair health and are beneficial for all hair types. Formulated with hair extensions in mind + free of sulfates and parabens, each product is designed to maximize the life and vibrancy of your extensions, while renewing your natural hair.