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Invisible Bead Extensions® is a method used to apply hair extensions. It emphasizes scalp and hair health with a unique, flexible foundation of beads. With IBE® there is no contact between the beads and your scalp at any time. This offers a much more safe, versatile, and comfortable extension experience.
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what products do you recommend for extensions

What Products Do You Recommend For Extensions?

We recommend using Goldie Locks® products to protect your investment and increase the longevity of your extension hair. Goldie Locks® products were formulated with hair extensions in mind, but they are beneficial for all hair types. Free of sulfates and parabens, each product is designed to maximize the life and vibrancy of your extensions while renewing and enhancing your natural hair from the inside out.
As your IBE® Certified Specialist, it’s our priority to keep your natural hair healthy while achieving your hair goals, and these luxury hair care products will support the health and strength of your natural hair and extension hair.
✶ More about Goldie Locks® here