How Long Do Invisible Bead Extensions® Last? | Mixed Hair + Extensions
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how long do invisible bead extensions last

How Long Do Invisible Bead Extensions® Last?

Invisible Bead Extensions is the method in which hand tied hair is secured to your natural hair and should be reinstalled every 8-10 as the hair grows out. This will depend on your natural density and how fast your hair grows. Scheduling regular maintenance appointments allows us to completely remove your row(s) and reinstall the hair to ensure a healthy and sustainable result.
How your extensions are cared for at home will determine how long the hair itself will last. Hand tied hair can last 9-12 months with proper home care and use of recommended professional products. When it’s time to upgrade with some fresh hair, you can replace all the hair at once or just a few pieces at a time (minimum of 3 wefts).
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